About me…

IMG_7284I am a MAMIL…

There…I’ve said it and it’s true.It stands for Middle Aged Man In Lycra and it sounds horrendous I know.  The reality really isn’t, however.

Well – I don’t think so anyway. My blog starts with the purchase of a bike to take on a cycling challenge to raise money for charity, and charts my descent into a slightly charming cycling obsession.

So – about me.

I live in Edinburgh , Scotland – one of the loveliest cities in Europe .I’m an architect, am married, am a father of two and I am restless. I always have been. I like to be on the move… either physically or psychologically. I always like to be planning or doing something…always aiming for a goal.

For me, it’s almost as much about the journey of getting there, as much as it is about the end goal. Life’s too short and too full to get bored, yes?

Cycling seems to fit into this groove for me – I get to get out – keep fit (ish) , breathe fresh air, see beautiful landscapes and sights (Scotland is good for this) and have space to mull.I enjoy cycling with groups of people, cycling on my own, cycling to get somewhere, cycling just for the heck of it and all the shades in between. I like the tech, the aesthetics, the mechanics and the health focus too….so decided to start to record some of my thoughts , as a kind of diary. I’m sharing them with the world, for anybody who wants some insight into how all encompassing cycling obsession can become but only in a good way and never outwith your control. Or so you think….

You get the picture….

Please…do feel free to comment on my blogs – some are travelogues if I’ve gone places, some are pictures, some are reflections…..let me know what you think?




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