Clean yer bike!

I just received the Muc-Off Mini Valet Kit as a Christmas present from my Mum and Dad. Yes it IS great having folks that get you – isn’t it??

And I have to say that as collections of cleaners and brushes /cloths / sponges go – its awesome… it it has done me the favour of pulling together all my separate bike cleaning “thingies” – which are normally spread far and wide around the house –  into one collected togther rucksack type carry all. It’s good and I commend it to you, even at £50

Even better – Halfords are doing it for 40% off in January 2017 – so it really is a good deal there at £30.


Don’t let the photograph fool you – its not a small cosmetic bag type size ….

It’s a full on width of shoulders, small rucksack size of thing…

And it’s fully equipped  too with the following :-


  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner  – biodegradable all-over bike cleaner.
  • Bio Chain Cleaner – fast acting, easy to use Bio formula!
  • Bike Protect – For post-wash protection against rust & corrosion.
  • Bio Wet Lube – Ultra durable, long distance lubrication & protection.
  • Bio Dry Lube – highly versatile, dry weather chain oil that has state of the art penetrative qualities to ensure that the lube is driven deep into each chain link’s core.
  • Claw Brush – High quality construction with three brush heads.
  • Wheel & Component Brush – Our Wheel & Component Brush is shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes.
  • Expanding Microcell Sponge – Our Premium quality Microcell sponge is contoured to an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and surface area cleaning.
  • Premium Microfibre Cloth – With amazing ‘split-fibre’ technology for the perfect clean and polish!
  • Stored in a robust, premium quality valet bag containing a number of specialized compartments for easy storage and organisation.
  • Built-in grit tray prevents contamination of brushes and sponges.

Now I already had some of the above, but there’s enough space within the capacious carry-all that I was able to just pop them in next to their newer counterparts and keep it all together …great for those times when you want to do a strip down and thorough clean.

And yes…the bike got  a great clean and shine ….and was thoroughly caked in mud again within 24hours – sigh…..

Love it really….



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