That’s Life though- isn’t it?



SOooooooo…Its been a bit of a blur……Where do I begin ?

Well…I guess I could start with early 2015, I was made redundant .

My regular daily / weekly routine (such as it was..) went really far out of the window BIG TIME as I scrambled into need -to-find-a-job mode.

Which was a shame really ….as I’d kind  of just started to get into a routine of cycle commuting regularly into work and that was a REALLY GOOD THING. I loved it – even in the typically not so friendly Scottish Weather., even on the west end cobbles that made your hands numb.

OK- there was 1 day when I turned up at work all scratched and bloody after a nasty tumble off my bike when a car stopped dead in front of me from a good speed and I couldn’t stop in time and hit the back of the car…

I almost managed to steer away to the side but instead caught the back corner and did an almost prefect forward somersault onto the pavement. The real shame was that I didn’t manage to land on my feet with a TADA! but had too much forward momentum and faceplanted into the pavement instead.  I saw stars for a while and some passers-by were so supportive and helpful and stayed with me until I could gather myself together. Amazingly, the bike was fine (1 new scratch to add to the older ones) and so was the car.

So much so that the car driver just drove off. (I learned later, that leaving the scene of an accident is actually a chargeable offence….ah well…).

The point of all of this is to say that I haven’t blogged for sooooooo long a time because life kind of got in the way…kind of took over and got WAY too hectic and uncontrolled for quite some time…..

That’s life though, isn’t it?

By way of a VERY concise summary..I can sat that in this last year I’ve :-

  • Landed a really good job with a great company doing interesting and involving  projects with GREAT clients, who seem to like what I do and how I do it. It’s fab.
  • Become really really busy….did I mention the new job?
  • Completed an apartment building in Perth, And one in Leith, Edinburgh.
  • Refurbished 2No Health Centres for Edinburgh Leisure.
  • Been quoted in local papers about plans for other developments.
  • Still managed to organise a really great family holiday in Ronda, Spain, which is a really lovely town that sits on top of a crazy precipice looking over the Andalusian mountains. Fantastic place to visit. I even managed to get out on an E-bike in 38 degrees C heat with my son – who amazingly really loved getting out and about on the bike! (That’s a first!)
  • Turned into a wedding planner / organiser with my wife for what seemed like a very long time ( it was only a matter of months) to organise the wedding of my daughter.
  • Helped my son move out to an apartment of his own.
  • Despaired over the Brexit vote and the carnage that is now under way in the UK. So much bitterness, hate, paranoia and out and out racism being displayed by people in authority and in leadership roles it’s painful to see. I can say the same thing of course about the US too.
  • Completed  the Caledonia Etape 2016 – and shaved nearly an hour off my previous personal best. Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it.
  • Finally managed to ride the Bethany Edinburgh Sportive.
  • Got hooked on during the winter months and still go on even during the summer months. I honestly think it helped with the Caledonia Etape that I’ve mentioned earlier.
  • Have already booked the Etape Loch Ness 2017, and the Caledonian Etape 2017 too.
  • Attended other extended family relatives weddings and am about to travel to another one very soon.
  • Got excited about my nephew’s son being born.
  • Got excited about my niece’s daughter being born.
  • Am still excited about my other niece expecting a baby too.
  • Completed the Tour o The Borders Sportive 2016 – really windy but a decent time considering.
  • Still managed to get out and about on my bike whenever I could. I recommend checking out cycling activities on if you’re not already a member of a cycling club. I cycle with “Lothian Cyclists” (Look them up on Google) – which is a social group who cycle rather than being a die hard cycling club. It works better with my irregular working patterns and allows me to dip in and out of rides as and when I can. Did I mention being busy, job, weddings , travel, family, people moving house etc etc?
  • Taken possession of a Fly 12 and a Fly 6 video camera light for front and back of my bike. I’m well impressed with these by the way – and will write more about them later.
  • Upgraded to a Garmin 520 bike computer – It’s a good unit and I’ll write more on that later too.
  • Started to tinker around with gear ratios and teeth numbers on my main bikes rear cassette – Now, this is actually a really, really good indicator that life has resumed something closer to a normal pace, as I’ve just not had the time to even entertain the notion before.

So yes….it’s been a crazily busy year, that started in 2015 with a setback.

It’s been all change , been more than a little unsettling and has required a constant battling , pushing forward and a massive amount of energy expended.

Its been exhausting, I’ll be glad to get to the Christmas holidays break in one piece, but I’ve enjoyed it too.

That’s life though…isn’t it ?

I hope to be writing more often again…..



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