How to add TCX or GPX route files to your Garmin Cycling Computer using Garmin Connect



Because this is a constant query that I get from folks when out on a group ride, It occured to me that I should really get some notes down about things you can do with your Garmin cycling computer on your bike. Apart from actually going cycling that is ….




  • Loading a pre-designed TCX or GPX route file remotely via phone sync.
  • Procedure for mac or PC.
  • Download the GPX / TCX file from Strava (or equivilent routing website) and save it somewhere memorable on your PC or in your Dropbox/ Icloud / other cloud storage space.PLEASE NOTE Garmin Connect will only import files with time & date stamps. Most routes do not contain this data (which is what makes them routes and not tracks!)
  • However, there is a simple and free (PC) app to automatically insert this data to a GPX file for example, and the file will then be accepted by Garmin Connect:


  • Please use this small program to add timestamp information (I use 20kmh intervals) to any GPX file that isn’t uploading into Garmin Connect properly and amazingly the GPX that didn’t load 1st time, well get uploaded and display properly.
  • Upload it to your courses on
  • To do this using a desktop – go to and login.Using menu bar to left, go into Activities module.Go to top right and choose import and upload fileGo back to Activities module for a refreshed screen – your route should be there as an activityHighlight the activity and go to option Save it as a route to then create a saved route from the activity.


  • Now synchronise your Garmin with your Garmin connect. Either :-Using your Garmin Connect phone app, sync it with the Garmin device your using. (The upload happens via blue tooth so can take a few minutes – be patient). Or:- Plug that garmin in to your PC/Mac with a USB cable and synch with Garmin Connect that way (this will be quicker – but you need the cable).
  • You will eventually see a screen message saying Sync complete, and will be able to navigate to courses section using the onscreen menu – your new course should be there for you to select and then choose ride.

I hope that helps!!!


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