Date with the foam roller

I haven’t blogged in bit and this blog caught my eye, as it is quite topical to me .

In my advanced age in life, I’ve noticed these twinges and tightening up of back and hips of late and have started going along to an Ostepath for stretching exercises etc .

She recommends yoga, pilates and the use of foam rollers to help unkink, loosen and stretch the muscles that are getting tightened up ….

So this video is a good find and my thanks go to Tempocyclist for posting about it ……

Tempo Cyclist - Tasmania

Following a training block of mostly intense turbo sessions, my legs are feeling the build-up of fatigue. They’re especially tight and “achy” this week. Something I tend to neglect is a routine of stretching and foam rolling. Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for my own personal in-house sports masseuse so the next best thing is using a foam roller. This video from Garmin-Sharp outlines a good routine for cyclists:

If you’ve never used a foam roller before it can be a painful experience, but it’s a good type of pain! Or maybe that’s just me? Regular foam rolling is great for loosening stiff muscles and massaging away any knots or tight spots. Make it part of your regular routine and reap the benefits (I should really follow my own advice).

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  1. iain campbell jnr says:

    I get my 9 year old daughter to walk up and down my thigh while I scream in agony. The muscle is called the ITB and links to your lower back. ILIOTIBIAL BAND.


    1. ezpc1 says:

      Sore for you and potentially traumatising for your daughter I’m sure…..
      I’ll stick to a foam roller and groaning quietly when I hit the tight spots ….whilst reminding myself that it is for the greater good of getting better, fitter , stronger…..sounds like a Kraftwerk song coming on.


  2. Keep at it! I really should more often as I tend to forget about it until my muscles start to ache more than usual. Then I play “catch-up” with rolling out the multitude of knots. The last few days have been particularly bad. I believe there’s a real benefit in getting into a good habit of foam rolling every couple of days.


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