Lance Armstrong Special – Part Four

Can we please forget about Lance now – and deny him the oxygen of world media exposure? Yes – Armstong still haunts professional cycling – because he craves attention. Please, please, can we ignore him now…..? No we can’t apparently – because he keeps bloody well popping up in the news every now and then whether we like it or not …..either as part of concentrated means of getting his message across…. BBC interview for example …. Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 09.37.58   or because he keeps making statements to the public…. Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 09.40.04   or simply because he’s been caught lying again … Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 09.49.52 It seems like our friendly cycling hero / bully isn’t learning from the previous edicts and sentences passed down to him… he. SO could the media please do us all a favour ? Take note – We don’t want to hear anything more from this man RANT over….. Now lets get on with our lives and NEVER talk about him again ….ok? Sigh…..

Stokoe's Blog

Stokoe’s Blog brings the curtain down on the debacle that was Lance Armstrong.

It was an era that cycling will want to forget and move on from. Introducing part four:

Is Armstrong the ghost that still haunts cycling?

We have seen what Armstrong has put the world of cycling through, it has been a tough couple of years, and it might just be that the hardest months are yet to come.

Should Armstrong get his titles reinstated?

“It’s not for me to say. If I’m not the winner… I think there has to be a winner. I’m just saying that as a fan”

I get it, winning is everything in sport, why else would sport stars put their body through the pain.

But there is winning and then winning illegally, and that is exactly what Armstrong did hence the reason why his Tour titles have been taken away, he does…

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