The snobbery complex


Came across this article recently, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m NOT a bike snob and the writer very definately is .. But we agree that there is NO PLACE for the sort of trite judgementalism that sometimes goes on amongst the Lycra clad crowd. If someone doesn’t want to speak to me as we cycle along the same stretch of road, or worst still judges me on what I wear or ride – well they can ride on themselves with my blessing – I’d really want to drop them too – just because .
Read the piece to see what I mean.

Chasseur Patate

First a disclaimer.  I am a bike snob, no two-ways about it.  I don’t buy kit from Aldi, I don’t shop at Wiggle or Evans nor ride their events.  I wouldn’t ride a Planet X, Ribble, Specialized, Trek or Canyon.  I wouldn’t wear Shimano shoes, or Oakley glasses. I wouldn’t wear DHB or Altura, I only have Shimano on one of my bikes and that’s only because it was in my parts bin and was better served on my turbo bike. I won’t go near Sram, Bontrager or Zipp. See?  Bike snob. There is nothing necessarily wrong with any of the above; they are just for one reason or another, not for me. (Hell, most of our bikes were probably made in the same factory, regardless of name on the downtube.)

The most important thing about all that though, is that I don’t care if you do like/buy/ride or wear…

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