Top of the world (near Bathgate)

I joined some friends from the Lothian Cyclists  ( for a wee wander on Sunday ….venturing into some unfamiliar territory.

Strava map of the route, and the route profile
Strava map of the route, and the route profile

Wandering around the west country……near Bathgate!!

Tel you what though …some fantastic hills and (on a good day) some fantastic views!!

Well worth it.


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  1. Rachel M says:

    Nice to see so many cyclists out and about and such a lovely day too. Beautiful scenery.

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  2. Used to orienteer with kids at Beecraigs, must be great cycling.

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  3. ezpc1 says:

    Fossil Cyclist – Its hilly – you’re either going up or down. But thats actually part of the attraction, and the views from the top were really superb.
    At one point, last photo, you could take in the refineries at Grangemouth, Longgannet power station nearby, the new columns of the new road bridge, the forth road and rail bridges, Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh and all the way out to North Berwick Law. Almost the entire Firth of Forth in one long view. The guy who had set up the route explained that he rarely sees it, as it is often misty, haar-y, cloudy or just overcast, so we had an exceptionally clear and bright day to enjoy the views !

    Rachel M – I’m a bit spoilt in this part of the country – there are quite a few cyclists in and about the Edinburgh area. The Lothian Cyclist group are good too – in that its not so much a cycling club as a social group of people who like to go out for coffee and cake via 30 miles of cycling….


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