How to buy a bike (part 2)

Aha…the whiff of self deception and the alluring aroma of improvement from acquisition (a marketeers wet dream)are very familiar to the techy cyclist, who just wants to be able to rationlise the urge to acquire the NBT (the Next Big Thing) without being shot down by people being more grounded than them (You spent HOW much?…on that bloody thing? What for?)
Sadly…..oh so familiar…. the yearning….the researching…..the acquiring….
Of course REAL cyclists know better ….they know its not about the toys …it’s about getting the miles in, putting in the time on the bike , not caring whether it hot / cold / rain / sun / snow. Not caring whether its carbon or steel, leather or latex. It’s about the moving, the pushing, the shoving, the breath in the air in clouds, the sweat dripping off the nose, the back hunch dover as your legs nip and tighten with lactic acid as you push through pain…Its not what you have ……it who you are…..
Do you know your limits ? ….And do you push beyond them?
Cyclists tend to ….that’s just the way they are…..

ragtime cyclist

Will I still be able to afford to get a round in at the Café?

To spend more money than you can afford on a bike is not, as far as I can tell, unusual.

Whether you, the humble cyclist, are prepared to prioritise the acquisition of a new bike over the wife and kids’ Christmas presents, next year’s summer holiday, or the security of bricks and mortar via a regular mortgage payment, is a very personal choice.

There does, however, come a point when the folly of spending slightly too much on a bike which is a marginal improvement on the one you currently own becomes very public.

Mid-ride coffee (Photo: GoToVan - Flickr) Mid-ride coffee
(Photo: GoToVan – Flickr)

If you find it’s your turn to get a round of flap-jacks in at your regular mid-ride café and you can’t quite rustle up the required pocket change, to begin with you can simply laugh…

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