Can the real cyclist please stand up

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this piece…I commute on my bike off and on…and wimp out when the weather gets too bad. I still see the same faces of the “real” commuters whizzing past me in my car, whilst I wait in a queue, fuming. I’m dry, they are wet. I am warm, they are cold. I am tired and worn, they are smiling, even in the rain.
Says it all really…….

Broken Cyclist

The rider that slogs along the same route, day after day, regardless of hot sun or driving rain. The rider that does not have the light racing bike, but one designed for the daily grind, to withstand endless abuse and reliably carry its passenger and their luggage.

This is a tribute to these commuting cyclists. The ones that brave all weathers yet receive little of the glory. They don’t stop in a cake shop for a break, whilst recounting the weekend’s victorious battles of chosen hills. No, it takes a lot more determination to defeat the monotony of repeating the same route all year round. Biting cold of early winter morning starts, re-dressing after a full day’s work, too often putting soggy clothes back on to go back out into the freezing wind. When all they really want is that hot bath and clean dry clothes.


These are not the…

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