Falling out of Bed – I’m late!

Splashing water on face -a cold slap! of water – struggling, blinking to clarity.

Need to move!

Hopping one footed , dangerously unbalanced – squirming into bib shorts.

My spectacles go flying – caught in my jersey. Clatter off furniture, thump to floor.

Checklist – food – bike – bag on back – sleeves – leggings – phone – money – got to go!

Out the door – no wait ! Feed the dog- dash back indoors – done! – out again.

Door slam echoes into the street.   Sorry!

Morning cold! – neighbourhood quiet.

Roads are wet – tick tick tick from my gears.

Off we go. Pushing pedals.

Flush of warmth  up the legs – into chest as blood surges.

Wind whoosh surging over the main road and back onto quiet minor roads.

Bumps and chain chatter.

Bump then rhythmic dunk, dunk, dunk from the floor boards as I cross a temporary bridge.

Flutter of leaves, on cycle path, as I flurry through.

Branches swirl from overhead trees – I rush from light to dark – nostrils flared.

Whoosh of damp cold air as I enter the tunnel – my warm breath hangs in the air around my head.

I feel like a train – spewing smoke as I strain up the slight gradient. Must keep speed up.

Heartbeat in my head.

Splash in puddles at top of the hill. Panting.

Left, left, traffic, right – I spin from lights to lights. Motor sounds.

Engine noise follows my derriere then swooshes past with an angry increasing growl.

Tyres splash.

Half way there.

More people about now – in the park  – still early.

Click of gear levers – squee! of brakes applied.

Shifting weight as I ease around people walking on the cycling lane.

Wind whoosh shortened by red glare of traffic light.

Arythmic bumps as I cross potholes – chain chatter – grip eased on bars.

I swirl around corners right , left, traffic.

Tram tracks! A wobble , a flick to the left, sharp right  – da-duh, da-duh and I’m through.

Sun rising – warmth on back. Brow now damp.

Whoosh of air – heartbeat in neck. Legs straining – still pushing on.

Breathing heavy with effort – pushing up a hill.

Back wheel slides on damp leaves. Shifting my weight -pushing with my hips to keep in a straight line.

Rear wheel spins then bites – keeping moving.

Cold splashes pepper my legs from the ground. My Feet, now wet, feel numbed and distant.

Tick tick tick and tyre hum.  Light and dark from overshadowed cycle path.

Brakes grind and judder from dirt on the rims.

Mind the dogs – their owners too. Muted “morning” s to my hellos’.

Nearly there.

Extended air whooooosh down the hill towards the sea.

Coastline glimpsed across the water. City sounds dissipate – left behind me.

Fresh air movement as I gather speed – cooled to cold – back warmed by the sun.

Sea salt smell in my nostrils – slight wind in my face – shorefront promenade.

Weaving sinuously around milling people – a lot of people.

There’s been a run – the beautiful athletic ones have been parading.

I slow and I weave – swaying my hips as I wiggle.

Wiggle left , wiggle right. easy breathing…tick tick tick.

My path is sinuous.

Muted conversations flick past my ears as I pass.

Rumble from the wheels changes to gravelly crunches as I enter the car park.

I scrunch my way over to the group of bikes gathered in the corner.

Made it.

Morning all? – I blink slowly in the gathered sun.

Smiling faces and relaxed shoulders.



Shall we start the cycle now?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Brown says:

    Cycling : Man and machine in a rare harmony. The best start to a day: Cold water and wind on the face!


  2. Love the idea of a squee! of brakes, some typos (I presume) are just brilliant, if not a typo brilliant just the same.


    1. ezpc1 says:

      Not a typo – thats the noise my brake made before the rims hot messy – after that they made horrible grinding noises with the grit and dirt flung up off the road – ot was a dirty ride – and once you accept youre going to be black by the time you get off the bike – the messiness and splashiness becomes strangely enjoyable!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lily Lau says:

    Yeah, let’s start the cycle now. I’d be pleased 🙂


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