Meetup ….and Lothian Cyclists…and the Pennine Etape

This is just quick update really of my current preoccupations…

The good news…

Many of you might have worked out by now that I find it difficult to balance home-life/work-life and cycle-life times / pressures – mainly because my work as an Architect can be all-absorbing in terms of boththe level of detail required  and the amount of time required to juggle multitudinous things. As a result I have not yet committed to joining a local cycling club, though I have no doubt that I would benefit greatly from it and there are plenty of very good clubs nearby.

I was delighted therefore to discover two things simultaneously recently – The Meetup app – and The Lothian Cyclists group –

I pitched up for the first Lothian Cyclists Group activity that I could fit-in and It turned out to be a quick training session going up and around “that bloody hill” – Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh. Well loved and loathed in equal measure by many cyclists in Edinburgh my Strava account will testify to my willingness to test my mettle by going up and around the category 3 “steep bit”.

Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh
Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh

I’ve never attempted to go up and around it repeated times for an hour and a half though and the Lothian Cycle group made that a very enjoyable way to spend and early Tursday evening. The beautiful sunset certainly helped too. Great bunch of girls and guys – very friendly – very broad cross spectrum of abilities and cycling types but all bound together with an enthusiasm for “getting out on t’bike.” Nice. The pint and the chat afterwards was good too.

And the bad news…..

After collapsing and ending up in casualty from dehydration as the result of an acute attack of gastro-enteritis, I was off work for a week for obvious reasons.

Still a bit weak even 2 weeks on I’ve regrettably decided that it’s probably not wise to try and tackle the Etape Pennine that I’m booke din for this weekend. Bugger…thats two sportives I’ll have missed this year….ach well. I think its better that I “caw canny” as my mother would say and build up for the next one …

Which happens to be the Tour O the Borders – the scene of so much carnage last year ….

Looking forward to it……



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  1. Did the Arthurs Seat event a few years back, 1 1/2 hours as well. Interesting experience, gale force winds as we went round the back, down to 1st or 2nd gear on the flat. Enjoyed the event in a masochistic way & loved the gradient profile afterwards with it’s repeated spikes.

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    1. ezpc1 says:

      I’ve gone up and down that damn hill took many times now to count – its just on my doorstep more or less.
      Its a great gradient to test the legs on – but it can be tricky at the top – it’s very exposed and often cloud bound in bad weather. You can get a good soaking up there and be back down under the cloud base when you come back down the other side – and its not that big a hill. Scotland eh – 4 seasons in 1 day , 2or 3 seasons in 1 small ascent. Talk about microclimate – most of them wet too!


  2. Aye same in East Lothian, just down the road – though drier than Edinburgh unless there’s easterlies.


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