Now it’s Fabian Cancellera out of the Tour de France – what’s going on?


A note from “The Guardian” excellent article on this subject :-

“Unlike previous winners Chris FroomeAlberto ContadorAndy Schleck and 25-time stage winner Mark Cavendish – all of whom crashed out – Cancellara chose to abandon the race prior to the Alps and Pyrenees in order to prepare for September’s Road World Championships in Spain.

Cancellara said in a statement released by his Trek Factory Racing team: “I will travel home now and take a little break. The season has been long for me, starting back in Dubai (in February).”

– See more at:


What the hell?

When Cavendish crashed he injured his shoulder and needed surgery…

When Froomey crashed (albeit much less spectacularly) he broke his wrist and bones in his other hand…

When Contador crashed he broke his leg , remounted and rode for another 15km – uphill – overtaking back markers in the pelaton until the pain became too much to bear. That, in my book, is the very definition of a committed team cyclist – so he gets my deepest respect. Chapeau Sir!

But…. Cancellara cancels the greatest cycle race in the entire years calendar to get some rest – because he’s tired?  Leaving his team with just 6 riders?

He is doing his team and his sponsors a great disservice, and is clearly demonstrating a lack of leadership skills to commit to something – only to leave it a third of the way through.

I am … deeply, awfully, unimpressed.


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