Stolen: Pedal Power vehicles

Stuff like this really gets on my goat – thieves half inching hardworking material from charities that are scraping by themselves whilst working so hard to help others . Please look out for Pedal Powers equipment on Ebay , on the street etc and report to South Wales Police accordingly. Thanks ever so much!


Pedal power

From the Pedal power facebook pages:

Devastated that thieves stole 6 gokarts and a 4 seater pedal car from our site at the (Cardiff) Bay yesterday (29th June). We are all working so hard to keep the charity going – how can people be so mean?! Clearly targeted by heartless villains. If you saw anything suspicious (our vehicles being loaded onto a van for example) or if you see our vehicles anywhere, please let us know. It’s a real body blow and it’s going to be even harder to raise money with less vehicles to hire out. Please support us in any way you can – we need you more than ever. Thank you.

Absolutely disgraceful. These vehicles are owned and run by a bloody charity for heavens sake. They are also incredibly obvious. If you spot one – out and about, on ebay, en-route to a scrap…

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