The next ride….



I’ve commented often about my obsessive cycling compulsion – some might call it verging on being a “disorder”.

Whilst, the general features of the ordinary pedal-head are quite well documented (i’ve even posted a short humerous parody video of them in the past), it is worth pointing out that cycling obsessed individuals “COI’s” (pronounced “coys”, NOT “cows”) all succumb to a personal characteristic that is often seen in driven / single objective / narrowly focussed individuals. It is a characteristic that brings the modern advertising and marketing industry into a blissful state of joyfulness, as it sits squarely within its sights of “issues to exploit”.

I refer, of course, to the “next-big-thing obsession”. The french refer to them as “le grand projets”, or the grand project – the idea that captures the imagination and fires the heart with passion.

The pedal head or COI boils things down to two categories:- Cycling related and Non-cycling related. These are further subdivided into other categories / arenas / interests with family, relationships, work/life balance and etc all existing within the non-cyclig related part of the brain. This probably occupies only 1/3 of the COI”s mind.

The other 2/3’s get occupied with the miriad of super colourful images and obsessions that drive the cycling related part of the brain. For the COI this is hardwired to the pleasure centres of the brain and to the other delightful sensory appendages. Even a whisper of thought, a brightly coloured image of cycling in the mind, can bring a warm cosy glow of pleasure and that tingling sense of anticipation in the other appendages for the COI. Accordingly, he or she will spend an inordinate amount of time, thinking about the next-big-thing…which will often take the form of the next bike to acquire (N+1 rule applies here), the next bike accessory or clothing item, or more importantly (and more often), what the next big ride will be.

The next big ride…

Ooh even the very thought of the next big ride will cause the COI’s adrenaline to course, the balls to tingle, the hair on the neck to stand up and the pupils of the COI’s eyes to dilate. If they had tails they would wag…seriously.  In fact I wonder why COI’s don’t have tails that wag – it would be very much in character for them – cycling fast to get the wind in their face is the equivilent how dogs stick their heads out of car windows to sniff the air.

I digress….

I have a reasonably good itinerary of rides organised over the summer months – you can see my list here  –

My next big ride is the Bethany Edinburgh Sportive – Saturday 7th June 2014.

Sportive Website banner header2

Now in its 6th year, this event for serious amateurs includes a super challenge route of 102 miles. Riders leave from Lasswade High School, Bonnyrigg and head south over the Moorfoot Hills to Innerleithen. The long route now takes a spectacularly scenic route around the borders taking in some 8000ft of climb and the formidable Witchy Knowe. All riders then return to the High School over the Moorfoot Hills once more. Each participant is individually timed and the finishing times will be published on the Bethany website after the event. Four feed and water stations will also be on hand offering the riders refreshments along the way.

This is a charity event organised by Bethany Christian Trust and all the funds raised from the registration of this event will go to help homeless and vulnerable people throughout Scotland.
The Sportive aims to raise as much money as possible for the trust so each year this event is run by a small army of 50 volunteers. Chapeau to each of them for devoting their time and effort for such a worthwhile cause .

See the following link:-

Wish me well…..

Better yet – come and join in!


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