14 top cyclists call on councils to improve cycling facilities


Choose Cycling map - large (1)

Chris Boardman & Chris Hoy spearhead call to #ChooseCycling

Road CC Article published 6th May 2014


The top three recommendations in British Cycling’s #ChooseCycling plan include:

  • Accommodating cycling into the design of all new roads and junctions, known as ‘cycle-proofing;’;
  • Meaningful and consistent levels of funding are required to make ‘cycle-proofing’ happen;
  • Political leadership and measureable targets – as we’ve seen happen in London with Mayor Boris Johnson – are required to truly kick start a local transformation in the number of people getting on bikes.

See http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/campaigning/article/cam20140207-British-Cycling-launches-10-point-plan-to-transform-Britain-into-a-true-cycling-nation-0  for more information on #ChooseCycling



Now I wonder what will happen ?

Nothing probably……



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