The Etape Caledonia – Roon’ the loch – Round 2


I’m quite pleased…..and also slightly nervous.

Pleased because I’ve  managed to get a place on the  Etape Caledonia Sportive this year.

Nervous because …well…because I’ve managed to get a place on the Etape Caledonia Sportive this year!


I should explain.

I have tried since 2011 every year to get a place booked on the Etape. I came close on 2012, staying on the waiting list for ages for last minute cancellations.

As one of the most singularly outstanding cycling events on the years calendar where 2000 cyclists take over the town of Pitlochry for the day , it was something I had to go, see and take part in.

I had seen some of the photographs of the start line with literally thousands of the brightly coloured cyclists awaiting the start of the event in the main street of Pitlochry. They looked like a gaggle of brightly coloured exotic birds on some far flung and remote nesting site on their migration path whilst heading for warming climes. Peacocks, even, who nonchalantly strutted their stuff, puffing out their colours for display whilst trying to hide their inner nervousness.

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I had seen the photo’s and been woo’ed by the event.

I have even travelled to Pitlochry and, with friends, cycled the entire route, just to see what it was like….I could imagine it in my minds eye.

You can read my writing about it in 2012 on this link here:-


Nervous because…

Nervous because there’s always the what if?

What if it rains all day long and we get soaked (drook’it even?)

What if I’m in an accident?

What If I’m just too fat , too slow, too old, can’t be bothered, give up, come home with my tail between legs?  Oh the shame – just to think of the possibility. “Shudder”.



Cycle Highland Perthshire have a great cycle through description here….


You can read about this years (2014) event here…..


So……. I’M going…..are you?

If so …drop me a line…leave me a comment …I’d love to hear from you….

I’m doing the Etape Pennine later in the year too….I’ll be setting up a just giving web page to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity for that event…

I must be mad.



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