Bicycle and pedestrian roundabout in the sky

Saw this and stole it unashamedly from but worthy of repeating here:-

See the original article at here

The Netherlands is known for its bicycle-friendly streets and bike paths, so you’d probably think that bicycle infrastructure in the sky would be completely unnecessary there. But even this bike leader has intersections that are excessively large and centered too much around cars. In the case of one such intersection between Eindhoven and Veldhoven, planners and designers created the Hovenring, a beautiful bicycle and pedestrian roundabout elevated above the roadway.

Also note that despite having fairly dense housing nearby (fairly common in European cities) they still manage to fit in segregated cycle and foot pathways of generous proportions that just make the streets safer and calm traffic flows down.

The video is just lovely….now tell me …why can’t we do that here?


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  1. CITIES2CYCLE says:

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    If you can steal it, I can too. After all it’s a great read.


  2. One of the coolest things I have seen this year!


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