Checking and Adjusting a rear derailleur

shimano ultegra rear mech

Yup – I’m changing my newly acquired Scott  CR1 Comp’ s 105 rear derailleur over to a an Ultegra 6700 rear mech tonight.

New chain and cassette is already on. Can’t wait to get stuck in….Mmmmm…  like a pig in muck.

I’ve been doing some homework and thought that the following video seemed as good as any out there….

Boy with their toys and all that ….but I must profess to enjoying setting up my bike, maintaining it , giving it  a clean and riding it – knowing that it’s in perfect working order and is working at its best for me. I set up my old Claud Butler 531 reynolds steel framed racer (circa 1970) and it got me from London to Amsterdam through 4 countries , including bouncing along through cobbled streets in Belgium etc without any mishaps what-so-ever.  I was so proud!!!

Anyhoo ….here’s your homework…

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