Winter cycling….and a new bike…(woopee!)

Note to self ……

Check the weather forecast for at least four hours ahead before cycling.

Yes – I knew it was raining before setting off.

Yes – I knew I’d get wet, but I wanted to…, no,  needed to get some miles in though..right??

I’ve not been out as much as I would have liked recently, so was desperate to go…..

Yes, I got completely soaked…even with good “wet weather” gear on…. ach well.


Not so bad once you’re moving

You’re actually okay as long as you keep cycling – the movement in your muscles generates body heat that keeps you going.

You end up with a warm water layer trapped next to your skin, so it stops you feeling cold – just like in a wet suit – but considerably thinner.

You get frozen when you have to stop for traffic or at traffic lights though…..

The laugh was, after I had completed my ride, washed, dressed , got warmed up, eaten something , felt slightly more human again ….guess what?

Clouds parting

The clouds had lifted and blue sky started to peek through! The latter part of the day was actually quite good sunshine! Great eh?

No..not really….grump grump harrumph. Not impressed.  LOL.

Just goes to show though, what a difference a couple of hours makes in the microclimates of the hills and valleys of Scotland.


Good news though…

The icing on the this particular soggy day cake was the potential acquisition of a really rather nice bike.

I’ll always go an extra mile or two if there’s bike stuff to be discussed or bought …it’s in my nature.

This time however there was a rather tasty looking Scott CR1 Pro for sale, from a really nice bloke I know.

(No names shall be mentioned, to protect the innnocent).

scott cr1 comp pro2

Nice bike frame…


An extended test cycle was done – in the rain. Well why not – what better time to give it a go …..?

The bike had a few early jumps in gear changes which worried me a bit early on, so I stopped (in the rain) to have a look. I had my back pack and tools with me so a quick clean of the chain and re-lube and a wipe down and clean of the derailleur cogs was in order – 10 mins later I was back up and running, clicking up and down the gears with no problems. The shimano 105 gear set really is a good reliable set you know. Not quite as smooth as the Shimano Ultegra on my Velo but the bike frame was making up for it . God it was light!! The full carbon frame and forks was what I was really interested in . The bike was now running like it was on rails and was much more comfortable than my very stiff Velo Ecosse, even with the seat adjusted slightly too high. I hadn’t realised how much road buzz I was getting into my neck and shoulders until I had this ride I rode it over roads familiar to me and it was SO much smoother.The back end pushed like crazy as soon as I put the hammer down and it only really got skittery when I was pushing too hard into the corners, trying to find it’s limits whilst water wasrunning across the roads. I backed off sensibly and returned it to its owner in one piece. ( I had adjusted the brakes so they were running true and the chain had been lubed too…just a little  thank you for the use of the bike that morning…)

A deal was concluded at a reasonable price and I’ll be picking it up in a weeks time …wahey!


I’m a happy camper.


JUST in time…

That will be just in time for some serious cycling to get done – in preparation for the Caledonia Etape , Trossachs Ton, Bethany Sportive, Pennine Etape … get the picture.

A great day then ! …despite the weather…


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  1. Nothing makes one happier than a new bike!


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