Katie Archibald – one to watch…..

Katie Archibald in Scottish colours
Katie Archibald in Scottish colours

I’m following with interest British Track Cyclings new stars, of which there is a good few…

The following link gives  a great summary of the up and coming young stars……


It’s particularly pleasing to see that Katie Archibald, a young scot who until recently was competing mainly in swimming, has taken to her bike and who has been propelled to the national stage as a result of her raw and newly discovered gift of speed.

Still learning the ropes, she is not a product of the British Cycling Academy and is a bit of a maverick new girl on the scene. She has now been accepted into the Academy, with a view to competing for a spot in Team GB for the next olympics.


Her raw talent however is speaking for itself……she first raced in a velodrome only 14 months ago, and has gone on to win a host of medals in international events.

  • Sep 2012 British Junior Championships: gold in individual pursuit, silver in points race
  • June 2013 British Road Race Championships: 15th in time trial
  • Sep 2013 Belgian Open: silver in individual pursuit
  • Sep 2013 British Championships: silver in madison, bronze in individual pursuit
  • Oct 2013 European Cup: gold and new world record in team pursuit with Team GB
  • Oct 2013 Scottish Championships: gold and new Scottish record in individual pursuit

One to watch indeed…..

As we might say in Scotland….”Nay bad for a swimmer…!”




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