First Sky ride I’m leading on gets rained off……Grrrr…..

Some rights reserved by John Gilchrist
Some rights reserved by John Gilchrist

Well….thats a bugger isn’t it ??

First time out as a sky ride leader on a ride …… The Midlothian Explorer….and it gets cancelled due to the appalling weather …..

To be fair….with the wind being blustery to the point it could blow you off your bike and the rain coming down in sheets and stottin’ off the ground (good Scottish term that…meaning hitting or bouncing off of) – who would actually want to go out for a leisurely cycle?

Only the die hards…. Which is why I was out in the rain heading to the start point for 9.45am.

David Glover was designated ride leader …and we had communed via text earlier in the week about a shorter ride that we could do if the weather was bad……all the weather forecasts  said so after all.

David had looked out his window this morning where he lived and thought “Mmmm ..not so good – I’ll go to the start point and see what it’s like there”… was worse.

I met him at the start – 9.45am – and chatted whilst we waited to see if anyone turned up…..and do you know what???  No-one did…..   SENSIBLE PEOPLE.

Ach! well…..more space in my day to kick back, have a coffee…read a bike mag…or do all of the million and one things queued up waiting for my time and effort.

Re-runs of the Vuelta A Espana anyone??




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