Pedal for Scotland Sportive – 110miles – getting nervous….

Pedal For Scotland Sportive map.
Pedal For Scotland 110mile Sportive map.

Its always the same……. Just when I’m coming up to an event that I’m really looking forward to ….I hit another wave of really busy business at work and any recreational or training cycling goes out of the window. Don’t get me wrong – I love being an Architect – and I can’t think of any other job I’d rather do…. It’s just that it gets in the way of cycling – you know????? Especially if the weather is good enough to be cycling (in Scotland) it’s all the more precious….. I must admit to being rather nervous….I’ve signed myself up for the Pedal for Scotland 110mile Sportive for the first time this year. I’ve done the City to city challenge ride twice now – at 47 miles it’s quite do-able and I’ve also enjoyed good company on both these trips. The sportive is a different league. The freshnlo Pedal for Scotland Sportive is a ride of 110 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The ride uses the same start and finish points as the Challenge ride, but takes a completely seperate route, meaning you get to go on Scotland’s biggest cycle ride on a quieter route designed for road cyclists. The route takes riders through the Southern Uplands and into Edinburgh passing through 7 local authorities and incorporating the best sections of numerous Scottish cycle racing circuits, including the A77 10 Mile Time Trial, sections of the Moscow APR and the Strathaven Anderside Classic, incorporating steep climbs around Muirkirk and undulating stretches across wild moorland . The Sportive is a much more challenging ride for keen road cyclists than I’ve tackled for a while. My last really long ride was to Amsterdam in 3 days – this comprised a similar length each day  – but it was dead flat!!! Hmmmm….gonna try and get out more . EZPC


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  1. You will be fine Phil. Make sure you get low for the TT section.


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