A ‘ghost bike’ tribute to fallen cyclists

As usual Auld Reekie manages to concisely state the situation – Scotland needs to invest more into Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure…..

Auld Reekie Cyclist


This morning I took a detour to work via the Scottish Parliament to see two ‘ghost bikes’ being left as a tribute to all the cyclists killed on Scotland’s roads this year. The grey, haar filled skies, and constant drizzle helped create a somber atmosphere as cyclists gathered to pay their respects. 


At about the same time this morning as we gathered at the Parliament, a female cyclist died in a collision with a car in Drumnadrochit in the Highlands, the ninth cyclist fatality on Scotland’s roads this year.


These are needless deaths. More and more people are choosing to cycle, whether for their journey to work or simply for pleasure. The Scottish Government claim they want to see more journeys being made by bike but will not invest adequate amounts to create better conditions for cyclists.

For every person who cycles, there are others too scared to…

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  1. echo says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to stop by again and say thanks for following my blog! Ghost bikes make me very sad when I see them, but I am glad that there are public memorials for fallen comrades.


    1. ezpc1 says:

      Hi Echo,

      Yes – I agree.
      The ghost bikes are a fitting memorial – and are a tragic reminder of lives lost whilst cycling.
      The number of fatalities, whilst still low relative to the US, is still way too high in terms of impact on families, relatives etc. and relatively high in comparison with Europe.
      A sad sad reminder that we indulge in a dangerous mode of travel on the open road unless suitably segragated from larger vehicles.


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