Tour de France 100 by Richard Moore

Tour de France …tour de France —-can’t wait.

This book, by the way, has fantastic photographs from100 years of Tour De France cycling.

Definately a must have….

All Seasons Cyclist

The 100th running of the Tour de France gets underway this Saturday and I can’t wait! My wife will tell you that the only reason we have a wide-screen high-def TV in our house is so I can watch the Tour (and as usual she is absolutely correct). Every June I get a copy of the Velo Magazine Official Tour de France Guide and carefully study the routes for each stage and team line-ups. The 2013 Tour de France promises to be especially exciting due to the six mountain stages with four summit finishes—including two climbs up the Alpe d’Huez in the same day! This year my pre-tour reading material included Tour de France 100 by Richard Moore, a book sent to me for review by VeloPress.

The full title of the book is Tour de France 100: A Photographic History of the World’s Greatest Race. I…

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