Chaos at 2013 Tour De France , 1st stage finish line



The Orica Green Edge bus got stuck under the finish line gantry literally 10 minutes before riders were going to charge over it at speed.

The directeur sportif had to hastily judge that the 3km marker would have to act as a temporary finish line, as the bus seemed to be very well wedged and there was a question mark over the structural integrity of the gantry above after being hit by the bus.

They managed to get the bus out with minutes to spare and the original start line was reinstated.

Unfortunately, the peloton had sped up to dangerous speeds on the assumption that it was sprinting to a finish at 3km. When the radio call went out to reinstate the original finish line there is little doubt that the confusion and haste caused contributed to a crash that took out Sagan and stopped cavendish and Greipel too. Many others went down or had mechanical issues from damage or debris.


Still awaiting general classification points being awarded but in my view all riders grouped at the crash in the run up to the 3km point should be assigned the same finish time.


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