Sky Ride Leadership Training and getting involved in the “Cycling World at Large”

My epiphany
My epiphany

I recently had an epiphany about getting involved in cycling in a more organised fashion and in some way giving back something to my fellow cyclists and local cycling community.

So what exactly have I done?

1. Joined British Cycling  –


2. Joined Audax UK –


3. Put myself forward for Ride Leadership Training within the Sky Ride initiative for the Edinburgh Area


4. Recently started looking at joining a local cycling club.

Emails have gone out to three local cycling clubs – 2 of which have been recommended to me – The Musselburgh RCC – and The Edinburgh RCC


We’ll see what sort of response I get.

I’ll certainly keep you all updated on progress on that front.


Sky ride!

The folks at British Cycling have recently got back to me about the Sky Ride Leadership Training for the Edinburgh Area. Immediately on the back of an automated response email asking for more information I got a nice email explaining that they’ve had over 1500 people email them with expressions of interest for their Ride Leader courses this year.

They’re going to be running a 10 person Ride Leader course in Edinburgh this year (date yet to be confirmed but may be in July) and have my name against this course.  Places will go to people on a first come first served basis as long as they meet the criteria of being an enthusiastic recreational cyclist and live close to the ride area.

So here’s hoping !!  

The prospect of being responsible for 10-15 people of different cycling abilities is actually quite a daunting thought when you really think about it – and it’s not something I’d undertake lightly. There are so many upsides to it however, including galvanising myself to get out cycling more and being able to introduce others to the simple pleasure of the relative freedom that cycling gives you. For me its about the freedom to move about at will, the freedom to take time to think, to have a chat with others, to visit places you’ve never visited, to actually look at and experience the sights and sounds of the countryside or area that you are cycling within, which you certainly don’t do in the car. And the fringe benefits are great too – increased health and fitness, increased mental clarity and focus, meeting an almost random bunch of great people you might not have encountered before and having a chance to chat if you want to. Or not  – if you dont.

Can you tell that I’m enthusiastic?

Have I told you recently hw much I just simply enjoy getting out on my bike?

The one thing that is really getting to me just about now is that I don’t yet have a cycling challenge organised for myself this year.  Regular visitors to my blog will know I like to take on a challenge, once a year. Typically a long distance ride to raise money for charity. There’s a couple of reasons why it hasn’t happened so far this year – the 1st being that I’m broke and the 2nd being that my work contract comes to an end soon and there’s a level of anxiety about where the next job will come from. Not a lot out there at the moment.

One challenge that did appeal was a 24hour challenge to ride from Newcastle to London. 300 miles in 24 hours. 


Looks like it could be really tough – What do you think – should I go for it??

Time will tell in terms of progress on all of the above – I’ll keep you all informed.

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  1. Iain Campbell says:

    I did London to Manchester , with 5 cyclists with little experience and bad navigation skills and that took 4 days and was mentally draining.We ended up doing 380 miles.Ive done the Manchester 100 miler and that took seven and a half hours.300 miles in 24hrs you would have to be a pro to attempt that.Definately join the cycling club.I went out on a taster session with the Manchester wheelers a 42 miler mostly flat but difficult to do when they ride at 22mph as an average.


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