Pedal for Scotland


Pedal for Scotland – 9th September 2012

I had a 5:15am start to get down to Murrayfield Stadium in time to be bussed over to Glasgow for the start.

I had packed lightly knowing that whatever I took with me was going to be with me for the day, but as I went out the door i realised that the morning was a lot more chilly than I expected. The weather forecast looked good – but the temperature at 6.30am as I left the house was below freezing and felt decidedly sharp.

I soon got busy, pushing up my speed, to elevate my core temperature and keep me warm.

I was due to meet 3 cycling buddies from the Celtic Challenge – Clare Arnold , Liz McRobb And Phil Townsend  – to do the event with them but sadly Liz had called off fairly early before the event due to a bad back and Phil had to call off the day before due to a heavy cold. Hope you guys are on the mend – we missed you on the day. Not  a great start – and that was before we even started!!!



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