The Lance Armstrong – USADA Saga

So Lance is not contesting his accusers -saying enough is enough.

I agree – he’s gone through 150 odd tests in his career – and passed. Doping was rife in that period. USADA want to retrospectively re- analyse tests previously passed at the time. They want to take evidence from team mates who have previously been convicted of doping. They have a quasi legal system that is not open to scrutiny but the director of USADA has already been pronouncing Armstrong as guilty of doping. This seems to be a trial by media leakage.

Already people are saying LA must be guilty or why not contest the accusers???

c’mon people!!! where is the USADA’s evidence? why has it not been presented thus far??

I’m not going to condemn a cycling hero to notoriety, unable to compete again, without something to base it on USADA!!! So put up or shut up!

Also, saying they’re going to strip him of his TDF titles pushes beyond their jurisdiction and job title.
The USADA’s job is to prove whether doping occurred – period. It is not their job to decide what punishment should be meted out. Indeed – the UCI is the owner and body responsible for running and awarding wins for the Tour De France. It has noted, rather professionally, that it will wait to see the evidence before taking anything any further – hear hear UCI – Thank God there is one sane voice out there looking for proof before condemning a rider.

I for one still remain unconvinced but hopefully we’ll see some facts in the near future?


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