Cycling – I’ve definitely been bitten by the bug…..

Okay , so I admit it…. 3 years into taking up cycling again , I’ve gone from over stressed overweight work junkie couch potato to a much more relaxed individual who…just happens to be getting …rather obsessed with road cycling…. In 3 short years I’ve obtained a new Ridgeback hybrid Speed bike, restored a Claud Butler 1970’s 531 steel Super Coureur 10 speed road cycle and recently picked up a Velo Ecosse Aluminium framed winter bike with full Shimano Ultegra gearing……I also have an original 1970’s Peugeot 531 steel racing bike ( my brothers) in bits for full restoration…..

I mean have you read Lance Armstrongs autobiography? Have you seen the pinnacle of fitness and strength that the world leading cyclists display on the Giro D’italia or Tour de France?  There more to this than just rolling along the road…although that’s all it can be if you like….check this show this short video I’ve come across….

Team Sky: Pushing Hard // Road Cycling Videos.

Photograph of Tour de Flanders 2012
Tour de Flanders 2012

I’m currently cycling out at weekends to get some more hill climbing experience under my belt – in training, if you will, for

The Celtic Challenge – 

A 200+ mile trip from Edinburgh on the East coast of Scotland to Iona on the West coast of Scotland to raise money for the much needed new building programme and expansion of the St Columba’s Cancer Hospice in Edinburgh.

We ride out on May 23rd – my 45th Birthday!!! Way to go, Phil.

Please, please make my birthday complete by going to my charity funding page and sponsoring me / donating to the cause. It  IS hugely worthwhile..and will spur me on to keep cycling.

St Columba’s Cancer Hospice Fundraising Webpage

St Columba’s Cancer Hospice Web Site


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