2011-08-20 – It didn’t rain

ezpcgoescycling 2011-08-20
ezpcgoescycling 2011-08-20



It didn’t rain…..!

Saturday 20th August goes down as a momentous day in the annals of ezpc cycling….

I went out the door on a pre-planned hilly route through the Scottish Borders and didn’t take wet gear, and I didn’t need it either!


I went on my short scottish borders hilly route, as documented in a previous blog, and it was hard work but a good trip.

Just a bit windy…

Hard work because, as I climbed the hills out of Penecuik on the A701, you can turn right onto the really lovely Deanfoot Road that leads to West Linton, across the moors. This road runs parallel to the Pentland Hills, as you can see in the photograph above, but is wide open to the effects of wind. It was in the face all the way, and meant that I had to push continuously to keep up a lowly 14 to 16mph. It was a good run downhill into West Linton though.

Good soup and latte at the wee tea shop in the park too.

It didn’t take long to get through Romannobridge and onto the  B7059, a great wee road that leads south and uphill slightly through a valley onto the A72. From there a quick right hand turn took me up a small single lane country track that takes you over the hills to Eddleston on the A703. Really picturesque stuff and a thoroughly enjoyable ride. My thanks too to the mystery cyclist in a yellow top that stayed persistently about a quarter mile ahead of me from Rommanobridge all the way round to the road to Eddleston. You acted as a good pacemaker and helped me push in pursuit. I actually almost caught up with you and then turned off the road, just before I was able to say hello – so thank you.

Once I had pushed north on the A703 and turned off onto the Moors Road that leads uphill to the B6372 it was once again a good slog on towards Temple, this time with the Pentlands Hills in the background on my right, instead of the left. Homeward bound- 20 miles to go, mostly downhill and it flew past. A good run (apart from the wind) and no rain!!

57.2 miles in 3 hrs 36mins. Average speed 15.8mph.


Donate to Bliss for my charity run – 285 miles from London to Amsterdm 1st to 3rd September inclusive…….



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