Fed up with tyre issues

Picture of My shimano 105 brake calipers
Shimano 105 brake calipers - break or brake?

BRAKE or Break??

7th July 2011 – cycling home from work – going good pace –  22mph (that’s good for me) and kphssssshhhhhhh! front tyre goes flat during heavy braking.

Turns out the brake block on the LH rim had twisted slightly and when brakes were applied, the back end of the brake block had caught the side of the tyre – ripping the side wall and opening a small hole in the inner tube.

This was not resolvable at the roadside as the tyre was torn at the sidewall and the new inner tube that I started to put in caused the tyre to bulge there where the wall was weakest. Hmmmm… Ah well new tyres, new tubes. Wonder what else I’ll wear out before I get to France, Belgium or Amsterdam?

It was a long walk back that day……

2 minutes checking my brake blocks before I go, seems like a good routine now……


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