Hello world!

John Lewis 4 Countries in 3 days Cycling Challenge Logo
John Lewis Cycling Challenge 2011 London to Amsterdam

Hi, and welcome to my Blog page.

As a kid, I loved to cycle around the seaside town of Stonehaven, on the east coast of Scotland. Up hill, down dale, it was my main way of getting around, that persisted with me until my late teens.

I’m now astonished to find myself in my mid-forties, and am wondering where all the time has gone. It might have been that totally absorbing and life sucking job I had for too long.

Lately, in the more beneficient light of a great employer, Ericsson Architects, I’ve discovered several things.

  1. I like the outdoors – not seriously like Bear Grylls or anything, but good for the odd bit of camping, walking, climbing a munro.
  2. Scotland is a really good playground for the not-so-grown-up to go and adventure in…and
  3. I live there.
So what – you say?
Well having got myself a little bit more active from my couch-sofa ways, with a bit of jogging, bit of cycling etc. I decided it was time to give myself a bit more of a Challenge. 

Having joined many folks from John Lewis on their Cycling Challange to raise money for Charity in 2009, I cycled 140 miles riding Coast-to-Coast from west to east coast of Northern England, Whitehaven to Tynemouth, 9th to 11th July 2009.

You can read the full story on My Just Giving webpage:-


This year, I’ve entered the John Lewis Cycling Challenge again, which aims to cycle from London to Amsterdam in 3 days and the next few posts will be my attempt at describing a beginners attempt to get into the world of road cycling on a severely restricted budget amongst family and other life commitments.

You can check out some more about this on my latest web-page for details:-


Wish me well!


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